The Wool Packaging Company Ltd

Units 1a & 1b, Tungsten Park

Opal Way


Staffordshire ST15 0SS


Hortiwool are a family business, based in Staffordshire, UK who have worked with natural materials for almost two decades. Hortiwool products can be used around the home and garden for a variety of uses! The versatile Hortiwool Garden Pad uses 100% British Wool, and can be utilised in a variety of ways, including fleece for frost protection, mulch, to line hanging baskets or as a growing medium. Wool’s amazing natural properties also mean that the pad can be used for extra hydration, nutrition, or even pest control against slugs and snails!


  • Compost, peat & other growing media
  • Animal/insect repellents/traps
  • Weed control
  • Bird houses/bird tables
  • Pet/wildlife products
  • Hanging/wall-mounted baskets & accessories
  • Crop/plant/tree protection
  • Growers’ sundries
  • Organic products