National Hardware Show (NHS)

Las Vegas, USA

January 31, 2023 to February 2, 2023

National Hardware Show (NHS)
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The Show

NHS attracts around 2,700 exhibitors from the lawn & garden, hardware and DIY sectors.  Lawn & garden features the whole spectrum of garden hardware including practical tools and accessories, seeds, plant care, watering equipment, greenhouses, fertilisers and chemicals, pest control, pots and planters, barbecues and garden furniture, decoration and lighting, landscaping and much more.

NHS attracts over 25,000 industry professionals from the leading home centre, DIY and garden centre chains, hardware and garden buying cooperations, country stores, mail-order and on-line businesses, and home-shopping channels.

Buyers attend from US garden centre chains such as Armstrong/Pikes, English Gardens and Petitti, the leading home centre chains Home Depot, Lowe’s and Menards, and the buying cooperations such as Ace Hardware, Master Nursery and True Value.  Key US online retailer buyers also visit, including Amazon, Williams-Sonoma and Wayfair, along with the QVC shopping channel.

International attendance includes the leading Canadian chains Canadian Tire, Peavey, Lee Valley Tools and Home Hardware, as well as Bunnings from Australia.  The show also attracts many wholesalers/distributors that service the North American and other international markets.

For more information about the show, please contact Charlie Parker at Gardenex by email and take a look at the National Hardware Show website.

To reserve a booth on the Gardenex UK pavilion at NHS 2023, please contact Emma Brazier at Gardenex.



Excellent support from Gardenex, and good contacts made at the show which will lead to business development and sales orders.

- Haxnicks International Ltd

Exhibitor Package

Please note, the information below relates to NHS 2020 and is for guidance only.  

Gardenex has secured a prime location for the British pavilion.  The package below is on offer for British firms:

  • A prime spot in lawn, garden and outdoor living + saving on floor space cost. Booths are bookable in 10ftx10ft (3mx3m), 20ftx10ft (6mx3m) or in increments of 10ft.  See the Cost Factors tab for more information.
  • A comprehensive British-themed pavilion and booth package designed so that you can just turn up and display your products.  The package includes walls (low walls between booths to allow a more open feel), carpet, lighting and electrical connection for lights, fascia with name, table, chairs, counter and initial booth cleaning.
  • Advice and information about how to prepare for, and maximise your presence, at the show.  Gardenex has a wealth of information on the US garden market.
  • Help with freight, travel & accommodation and other logistics from Gardenex’s dedicated events team.
  • A schedule of press releases before, during and after the show, to publicise the goods and services of the British exhibitor group participants.
  • A preview sent to named buyers in advance of the show to generate publicity and encourage buyers to visit the British group.
  • The support at the show of an industry information booth, organised by Gardenex and manned by its experienced team.
Brilliant - looked modern, bright and inviting. The flooring was genius and certainly saved the feet from stress.

- Spear & Jackson (commenting on the British group booths in 2017)

Cost Factors

Please note, the information below relates to NHS 2020 and is for guidance only.  We expect to offer a similar package in 2023, though DIT TAP grants are being replaced.  Details will be available soon.

The cost for space, quoted by the show organisers, is over $42 per ft².  A corner stand costs an additional $700 (approx. £564).  Gardenex has negotiated a reduction to $37.85 for pavilion exhibitors.  Options for the booth package are being assessed but the cost is expected to be £29 per ft², making the combined space/booth cost around £59.52 per ft².

The table below shows approximate costs for example booth sizes:

100ft² 200ft²
Space for 100ft2 booth @ $37.85 (£30.52) or for a 200ft2 booth @ $35.80 (£28.87) per ft2, paid in $ to the organisers (cost includes online listing and lead retrieval) £3,052 £5,775
Gardenex booth package @ approx £29 per ft² optional for in-line booths but, for a cohesive look and for your convenience, it is preferred that exhibitors take this.  Alternatively exhibitors may take space only and order carpet, lighting, walling, electricals, furnishings etc via the exhibitor manual but, be warned, costs can often be high in the US! £2,900 £5,800
Total £5,952 £11,575
Additional fee of $700 for a corner booth (10ft x 10ft booths unlikely) £564 £564
Department for International Trade TAP (Tradeshow Access Programme) grants of £2,000 are available for eligible UK companies. -£2,000 -£2,000
Plus Gardenex exhibitor support package fee, mandatory for all British group exhibitors, payable on application Gardenex Member Non Member
£485+VAT (£582) £675+VAT (£810)
The fee includes support as outlined in the Exhibitor Package tab and is designed to simplify the process of exhibiting, help you prepare for and make the most of the show, promote the British group presence and to make your exhibiting experience as smooth and trouble-free as possible.


Other factors to
budget for
Ballpark indicator Information
Travel and
+ subsistence
(subject to budget)
£1,200 to £1,800 per head,
5 night package
Out Sunday 3 May /
Back Friday 8 May
Advice will be circulated to exhibitors.  Approximate cost shown for ‘holiday’ package via Expedia with economy direct flights at a hotel in the centre of The Strip; monorail or taxi from the exhibition centre.  If flight only, avoid Sunday outbound; this can increase flight costs significantly!
Getting your display / goods to the show Exhibition freight forwarding, approx
£1,000 one way or
£1,850 return
+ On site contractors impose approx $63 charge / cwt (min 200lb) to handle freight from receiving warehouse etc
Consider ways of minimising display to save weight and volume.  Take graphics with just a few product samples, avoid heavy brochures, send a one way consignment.  It is normal for exhibitors to either sell off their display to a potential customer or donate to the show’s dedicated charity.  Details of the suggested specialist exhibition freight forwarder and more information on the material handling will be sent to exhibitors.
Enhanced web entry /
new products display
Costs start from around $950 The organisers include basic show directory / website entries for exhibitors in space cost but enhancements are offered which can significantly increase exposure.  Options will be circulated to exhibitors.
Additional display equipment Subject to needs and budgets The Gardenex booth package is comprehensive so there should be limited need for extras.


  • All costs based on an exchange rate of £1 = $1.24 which may alter and impact either way.  All costs must be paid upfront whereas, if grants are confirmed, they will be paid retrospectively, provided terms are complied with.
  • Companies wishing to exhibit independently of the British pavilion are permitted to apply.
  • If you select the Gardenex booth package when booking, final details and costs will be notified and invoiced by Gardenex for payment before the show.
  • The exhibitor must insure against costs and expenses which may be incurred in the event of the Fair being abandoned, cancelled, postponed or curtailed in whole or in part for causes outside the Trade association’s control, since we accept no responsibility in such an eventuality.

DIT Funding

July 2021: Update on Tradeshow Access Programme (TAP): The Government has decided with the Treasury that a new trade support initiative will be launched in the Autumn and that in the meantime it has halted the Tradeshow Access Programme (TAP).

Until it announces in the Autumn what will replace this scheme, we have been told that it is possible for exhibitors to apply for a grant as part of the Internationalisation Fund in order to take part in one or two trade shows. Please click on the following link for a short precis on the Internationalisation Fund and what it comprises: here.

You can find details of how to apply via your local International Trade Advisor (ITA). The Gardenex team can help with contact details if you are not currently working with an ITA.  Please get in touch if you need assistance to do this.

In the meantime, if you are considering participating in one or more international trade exhibitions in the next 12 months, we urge you to contact the Gardenex team to book your stand space, as prime show sites and space may be reduced following the pandemic and only limited options may be available later.



Application Form

To reserve a booth at NHS 2023, please contact Emma Brazier at Gardenex.