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Benefits of Membership

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Benefits of Membership

Gardenex has launched a new Explore the Market service. Our aim is to offer exporters a low-cost way to undertake initial research into an overseas market, or explore its potential, before committing to exhibit at a trade show there.

Where exporters are unable to visit a market or a trade event themselves, our experienced team will visit on your behalf and will make initial approaches to key distributors and gain tailored information about the market for you.

The service will include:

Presentation of your sales material and brochures by our experienced team to key potential distributors in the market/exhibiting at the show.

An assessment of the trade event/market and its potential for your firm.

Copy of relevant show catalogue, industry information and copies of relevant trade press.

List of key distributors and other contacts visited by the Gardenex team, along with their initial responses to your products.

Contact details drawn from the Gardenex exclusive database of international buyers for the market being targetted, including distributors, mail-order companies and retail chains.

Post-show briefing on potential approaches to the market based on feedback.

Please email Charlie at Gardenex or call on: 01959 565995 for more information.

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